Modern Cars versus Classic Cars

Published: 02nd November 2009
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Which cars do you prefer Classic or Modern? In our era today lots of people are wondering and thinking what would be the next model to come up. In order for them to know the list of latest car in line they will make a research on the internet and find them at car blogs, car maker's website, online car auctions and many more to mention. Though there are lots of people who are waiting for the new one, there are still people who are longing for the old cars including the collectors and the car auctions house. Most of the time collectors are looking at the auction house because they knew that there are different varieties of old cars available.

What is the difference between modern and classic cars? Why despite of their big differences in features, style, model, maker and age they are both expensive? Classic cars are old yes, but isn't it the more the product is old the more it become valuable? Or for the layman's term it was antique? In our era today classic cars or old school type of cars are rare and when we see a 65 Mustang GT 350 we are tend to look at it as it pass by. They appeared to have a character and style that was rare. When we heard somebody say old car, we think that the car is not safe anymore and it is a must to buy a new one. But there are people that despite of the car's performance and age they still took care of it, what they just did was change the engine and the paint then it was like a modern classic type of car. What about the modern cars? Back in 1970, there are almost 7,500 people killed on a car accident but in year 2000 it was lessen. It was clearly shown that cars created today were upgraded and much safer to use because of the air bag, safety cells, crumpling single-use bumpers, 3 point safety belts and other features added. Not only modern cars are safe to use but also you can rely on the technology and materials used, plus they promise a comfortable and entertaining travel.

I have discussed the two differences of each car, now which one is your choice the modern or the classic? The decision is all yours.

The author would like to share her thoughts about the car's features and characteristics. And also why used cars can be a modern classic type. More cars information here at japanese used cars.

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